TMS Session #1 — Intro

INTRO SESSION 21.1: Summary/info

·      Twenty people were here together, from seven countries, all the way from New Zealand to Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

·      I presented T.M.S. as an ongoing space to not only learn meditation skills, but also a way to explore together how to bring those skills into our daily life and interactions with the world. 

·      We practiced the Sound Bath meditation, including some focus on bodily sensations and breath.

·      We worked with “I.R.L.” (Inquiry, Response, Listening), this time with a few questions that came up for you during the meditation.

·      We ended with practical information: 

  • o   The first set of sessions will be the next four Thursdays at the same time (6-6:50 Central European Time): Jan.21 and 28, Feb.4 and 11.
  • o   Between now and next Thursday, you can decide if you want to commit to the four sessions, and send me an e-mail with that confirmation.
  • o   Your contribution for this first batch can be 600 CZK (150 CZK [$7] per session) or the rounded equivalent in USD ($30) or Euros (25€). You can pay as follows:
      • §  CZ to my bank account #348290002/5500
      • §  EU to IBAN
      • §  others to Paypal, using my e-mail address (let’s see if this works . . .)

·      The recording of the session is on my YouTube channel as an unlisted video: . 


Guided meditation: Between every session, you will be encouraged to continue your practice with guided meditations, some by me, others by others. This first one I recorded especially for you. Next week we’ll talk about how to work up to a daily practice, but for this week try to do this guided meditation at least once. It lasts about 12 minutes.


Suggestions for listening: Every week I’ll give you some ideas for inspirational listening or reading. They are not “required”, of course, just suggested. This week, I chose a recent episode on the Ten Percent Happier podcast (I highly recommend the podcast because it has interviews with the world’s best meditation teachers); this is with Jon Kabat Zinn, an enormously influential teacher who was the first to bring meditation into the secular world. The episode was recorded two days after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, and though some of the discussion may be more of interest to American listeners, it gives a good sense of how we can (must!) apply our meditation skills to social and political engagement.


So, enjoy the guided meditation and the podcast. If you have any questions at all, about either the content or the practicalities of our TMS, feel free to write. Looking forward to seeing you this Thursday!


Be well,


© Anthony Ackerman 2013