TMS Session #5

SESSION #5: Feb.11 — summary and links

  • Centering/anchoring: Mindfulness of Breath meditation
  • in place of I.R.L., I read aloud an excerpt from Meditation for Life by Martine Batchelor. 
  • Metta (loving-kindness) meditation
  • Here is the link to the audio from the lesson:


Dharma talk and meditation:

This is a link to a talk by Rick Hanson. The first 25 minutes are a meditation, then he goes into the talk. The last 30 minutes or so are questions from listeners, and, in my opinion, less essential than his talk, but it's all good. He's able to both connect meditation to the simplest things that we need, and to the more theoretical aspects of brain science.

On Rick Hanson’s website he has guided meditations of different lengths (5 min., 17 min., 28 min.):

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