TMS Session #9

(I didn’t post anything for Session #8)

SESSION #9: March 11 — summary and links

  • Centering/anchoring: Being here now
  • The reading was from Mark Williams’ Mindfulness, from the chapter “Waking up to the Automatic Pilot”. The point here was to notice how often (almost always!) we go through life on automatic pilot, doing one thing but thinking about another. 
  • Metta (loving-kindness) meditation
  • Here is the link to the audio from the lesson:

Guided meditation for the week:

Also from Mark Williams’ Mindfulness

Talk by Rick Hanson 

Recently I have just been eating up Rick Hanson’s talks. He’s been called “Mr. Rogers for grownups”, and that’s true — but he’s also so informative about the science around meditation. Try this one, or any others of his, all over YouTube!

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